1 Mhz Ultrasound Therapy Machine

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What does HEAL-O-SONIC cure?

The HEAL-O-SONIC ultrasound is effective at treating inflammation & pain in the muscles, connecting tissue, ligaments & tendons, joints and fascia. Therapy with the HEAL-O-SONIC  1 Mhz pulse and continuous portable ultrasound can be operated in your own home to treat a wide range of injuries, pains & illness.


Frequency - 1 MHz

Intensity up to 3.0 watt/cm2

Pulsed and Continuous application


Ultrasound Output : 15 Acoustic 

Ultrasound Head : 3.0 watts/cm2

Available voltage: 110/220v


Main Unit: 01 Qty.

Ultrasound Applicator: 01 Qty.

AC Cord  01 Qty.

 Suitable for underwater treatment

Customer Testimonials

We've had this unit for about 3 years. We got it somewhere else but for around the same price. My husband bought it for a tennis injury based on someone's recommendation. I thought he was nuts. But it turns out I'm the one who uses it most, I'm injury prone and this is great for both reducing pain and promoting healing. It's easy to use and safe too. it. I'm sort of surprised more people don't have these because they are great! We save a lot of money on physical therapy bills too! .

Richard Marrotte, United States

I have used this several times now. I am surprised at how well this works, much better than the small hand held unit I used before. Read the manual, it gives you the "frequency" and "time of treatment" for many conditions, which is very helpful. If you take care of this unit, don't drop it and clean the head of the unit with rubbing alcohol after each use, it will last a long time. I have spent lots of money on small hand held unit but they do not compare to this unit. I recommend this unit for your home medicine cabinet. It does not come with ultrasound gel so you will need to order some as well. Read the manual and you will become a "pro" at using it

Xenofon Vlachos, Greece

I recommend this machine. It does what it's suppose to do. FYI, you have to use the ultrasound gel for it to work properly, I'm not sure if you can substitute the ultrasound gel for something else. As far as therapy wise goes, I suffer from tennis elbow. I am able to target the problem area on my elbow better than other therapy machines.

Luk Keung Chan, Hong Kong

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$299.99  $249.99

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